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About is a large community of Java developers and their projects. We welcome anyone interested in Java, related JVM technologies, and education to our discussions and projects.


Communities and Projects

We manage our projects in a different way from most forges in that we try to maintain curated communities of projects - that is projects that use similar technologies or of similar types are grouped together in an area to make it easier to find other developers with similar interests and skills and their projects. You can find descriptions of our communities here and a description of our project workflow here.


Editorial Content, Blogs, Forums

We're committed to bringing you the latest and broadest coverage of Java topics on our home page - from technical articles, to news on events, to blogs. Our forums are a great place to ask questions about some of our bigger projects, Java in general, and the site itself. The forums are also where you can go to post or find a job listing.


Future Enhancements

We are committed to making the site the best it can possibly be. It is maintained by agile engineering teams that can respond quickly to bugs, and we can add enhancements to our roadmap at any time. To file a bug or request an enhancement, please use JIRA here. A list of current enhancements in the pipeline is here.


Creating a Project

To create a project on you can sign up, log in, and click the My Projects button on the upper right side of the page. You'll see a create project button. For help setting up your project we have an extensive FAQ and a forum available in the help project.


Got Questions?

Sonya Barry, the Community Manager is available at