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More JSR 292: Angels and Demons

One of the exciting things going on
today in the technlogy industry is the proliferation of new computing
languages. Another is that the JVM is evolving to
run most of them
really, really well. Most exciting is how the ideas between the
languages are being begged, borrowed and stolen, to the ultimate
benefit of developers writing all kinds of applications. The Planetarium has
long been a subscriber of the Darwinian
notion that diversity spurs innovation.

So it was interesting to see that Sun's own
John Rose was at the Lang.NET
symposium up in Redmond last month, talking about JSR 292, which
you can watch here*, and giving an interview, which
you can watch here*, about the new work to turbo-charge
multiple languages for JDK 7.

And, no doubt, participating in the sharing and borrowing of good ideas
with the other

Frank Wierbicki, Dr Jython,
was there too, talking about Jython
on the JVM. And there was a crazy rumor that Charlie hacked up an experimental
version of the JRuby compiler
over the weekend to use JSR
292's invokedynamic bytecode, coming to the JDK
7 builds real soon. Maybe there will be more
from Charlie at JavaOne.

* You'll be asked to install Silverlight to see these vids. Just sayin.