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What's your opinion of 'the Cloud'?

It's the future: gradually all apps will move to the Cloud.
13% (45 votes)
It's great. I'm using it already.
6% (21 votes)
It's an interesting development. I'll wait and see what comes of it.
26% (91 votes)
It's a passing phase, like so many other things we've seen.
19% (66 votes)
It's the emperor's new clothes: the Cloud is just a server, what's so new about it?
30% (105 votes)
I don't know; other
5% (19 votes)
Total votes: 347


Wrong end of the internet

"It's great. (Except when it's not.) I'm using it already (only it's great)." Cloud providers will solve most of the problems I've hit over time.

The hard problem I've found is that my data is on my end of the internet, my compute power is in the cloud's end. If I can easily get my data into the could, the cloud is great. If not, not so great. The internet is really compared to a LAN, so for big data it's often faster for me to do the chore locally.

cloud idea is good, programming tools are obsolete

to be productive in the cloud our tools need to be more efficient, I will need to program my front ends STILL inside the browser with AJAX ? Sorry but I hate AJAX, we need a higher level language tecnology if we need to work inside the browser . Applets are or flash (I like Applets a lot) are not a viable option so we got to install a plugin on client side, wich means that our cloud program is less portable, in my opinion if we keep the browser as a principal access point to the cloud, we need a general purpose compiled language integrated on it, no more AJAX mashups javascript html xml aarggg !!!. On the other hand there's another major Question, will the companies trust the cloud to store their data (hmmm...) ? Just doing a bit of brainstorming...


I completely agree. the development platform is obsolete and counter-productive. browser dependent apps will always be traumatic to develop and support. today we have to know html 4/5, javascript, ajaxs techiniques and limitations, css (the w3 standard and also the browsers non-standard perversions), network limitations and security constraints, stateless protocols, know (and test on) half dozen of browsers in different versions, worry about client operating systems and sandboxes, and all this just for the presentation layer in the client. after this we still have to write all the server-side layers.

Not all, some, and new ones

I don't think *all* apps will move into the cloud. Instead, *some* kinds of apps will move into the cloud (mostly commodity applications, I guess), and the cloud enables many kinds of apps/services/business.

Take DropBox and JungleDisk, for example. Amazon storage service, probably, is what made them possible (affordable), since maintaining their own storage infrastructure (with security, safety, scalability, etc.) is quite expensive and hard to get right.

On the other hand, many business will just not let go the control of having their own datacenter, some for good (strategic) reasons.

'The Cloud' is just another option. If it will turn into 'the only option', only time will tell :)