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In which region does Java enjoy the greatest market share among competing technologies?

4% (10 votes)
Asia: Indian Subcontinent
11% (29 votes)
Asia: Japan, China, and other
9% (23 votes)
Australia and New Zealand
3% (8 votes)
38% (101 votes)
North America
22% (60 votes)
South America
14% (37 votes)
Total votes: 268


How could anyone know?

I'm familiar with my country's market (my city's market to be more precise). How could I know how is the market in 'Asia: Indian Subcontinent'? How could an Australian guy know how is South America's market?

Or does everybody here work for multi-national consulting companies, and keep traveling around the world?

I agree

this is a bad poll question. and by the way, I can't see the Poll comments without voting, or even see the results so far until voting (it is like that quantum physics problem: you can't know the speed and position of a particle at the same time, because the very fact of observing it affects is properties). what if I don't know the answer, but I want to know what people think?

viewing polls and poll results without voting or logging in

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