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Why Oracle Should Continue to Push NetBeans

Java Champion Adam Bien details Why Oracle Should Continue to Push NetBeans:

Oracle pushes JDeveloper and Sun NetBeans. Because Oracle is about to buy Sun, only one of the IDEs will be officially supported in long term. From strategic point of view, NetBeans would be the better choice:

  1. Footprint: Netbeans 6.7.1 download (with Java EE support and 2 Glassfish versions) is 158 MB big. JDeveloper comes with about 1 GB. The initial footprint is really important for adoption.
  2. Adoption: Netbeans became very popular. In this poll, from 2,753 voters, 1,191 voted for NetBeans, 1,340 for Eclipse, but only 39 for JDeveloper (plain text editor got 103 votes :-))...
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