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What's your reaction to the JDK 7 feature list?

I love it and can hardly wait
20% (99 votes)
Some handy but insignificant features
29% (143 votes)
Disappointed; when do we get JDK 8?
27% (133 votes)
I don't care
13% (62 votes)
10% (48 votes)
Total votes: 485



I am disappointed that multi-catch isn't going to be included:


I was hoping for closures/lambdas whatever you want to call it, but it isn't there so I voted Disappointed.

jdk 7

It depends if we get multi-line strings or not.

You won't

Sadly, you won't:

Please choose more carefully the options

I understand that we can't have dozens of options for every poll, but please give us some more choice. I'm going to vote "I love it and can hardly wait", but it's far from my point of view. I'd have answered "it's a reasonable choice", but it won't change my way of working; still I can't vote "handy but insignificant" since it sounds pretty negative (while my feedback is positive).

Neutral category

I suggested the poll and gave examples of options expecting which were then reviewed (I.e. "other" was added). Providing options with a sufficiently wide span is hard, the intent of "handy but insignificant" was to provide a neutral category as "handy" is positive and "insignificant" is negative. I fear no amount of options could satisfy everybody, sorry your option was not met.