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Eloi Jr

Eloi Jr is a software developer for desktop and mobile enviroments. He has working with Java ME since 2001 and has developed some interesting projects using this technology. He has talking about Java ME in great technologies events in Brazil and has writing articles about software development for mobile devices. Eloi Jr is an enthusiast of embedded technologies because believes that the miniaturization of computer devices will change intensively our lives.



A simple question that immediately responds: “No, we do not need it.” If it is possible, however, is quite another matter. Really, it is an interesting challenge changing the interface of the...

Yes, there is a DateField component for LWUIT and it is ready for use! It is localized too! It was created by Marlon Luz from IndT, Manaus, Brazil, and the Tranqueira Project is using it.

It was a Sunday morning when finally I decided to organize some books that had been scattered in cartons for a long time. I wanted to put them on the bookshelf, when I saw three books that were...