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Which aspect of occupies the most of your time?

18% (31 votes)
2% (4 votes)
5% (9 votes)
Content (blogs and articles)
69% (117 votes)
5% (9 votes)
Total votes: 170


poll got very bad!!!

I'm sorry guys, but the last poll engine was far better than it is today.

first, because when we voted, we were automatically moved to a page with the poll results AND comments. today, the comments are some clicks away. what an improvement, ha?

second, the human-interface got terrible. I really couldn't believe when I saw the "Your vote was recorded" message at the very top of the screen. not even close to the poll results!!! is this the kind of example the Java community wants to show, like how good things can be done in the Java platform? that message at the top is some kind of JSF success story?

not to mention the poll response performance. I don't know what changed behind the courtains, but voting in the poll got way slower than it was before. in the older poll, it was all about clicking in my vote and seeing the result page. now, I pick my vote, click the button, and go grab a coffee. the response page takes ages to return.

let me guess: after messing with productive JSF, somebody used the remaining time to stick JPA and terminate with the rest of the site performance. am I right?

sorry kids, but somebody really must have a look in the site.

p.s.: I just noticed that now I MUST use html tags to show line breaks in the comments. what an improvement, ha? thanks, at least, somebody offered a Preview button. come on!!!

new answer option

maybe the answer for "Which aspect of occupies the most of your time?" would be: "voting and posting a comment at the poll"

For you personally, weeanon,

For you personally, weeanon, the fact that you created this user solely for posting these comments speaks volumes about how you choose to spend your time. Every member of the site is welcome to write bugs or request enhancements on the system via the issue tracker in the java-net project. If you don't like the way it's working now, we want to know, and filing a bug is the most efficient way to tell us.