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Which project and community (P/C) content would you like to see more of on

P/C news features
12% (22 votes)
Interviews with P/C leaders
4% (7 votes)
P/C-related podcasts
5% (10 votes)
Project demos/tutorials
58% (109 votes)
All of the above
15% (29 votes)
The current coverage is fine
4% (8 votes)
Other (please leave comment)
2% (3 votes)
Total votes: 188



Before anything is changed on the front page, the absolutely abysmal speed of and need to be solved. For a top end hardware company which supposedly makes heavy weight servers, and should be blisteringly fast. For example:- To login, I had to wait 20seconds, and no it's not my connection. Browsing CVS of a project can be done while reading a book, page loading is so slow. Peter.


Peter, You're absolutely right on the performance issue. We've been working on it for a while now. We are currently working on removing SSL from across the site (except log-in pages and CVS/SVN access) which will speed things up significantly on it's own. Once that's done we'll also be able to cache project pages should continue to improve performance. These changes are expected to be complete in September. At the moment we are very much victims of our own success - the current software we're sitting on just isn't scalable to the size we've grown to. The SSL/caching solution will be a big help, but we're aware it won't solve the problem. We're working on the long term solution now, and you'll start to see announcements about it in the next few months. Sonya Barry Community Manager