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Are you more likely to use a library or framework if it comes bundled for your IDE or build tool?

Much more likely
22% (152 votes)
Somewhat more likely
26% (177 votes)
It doesn't make a difference
43% (297 votes)
Somewhat less likely
3% (22 votes)
Much less likely
6% (43 votes)
Total votes: 691


Who we talking about?

I thought bundling was bad and only evil folks like M$ did it.

Use your own

Bundling framework and/or libs in the IDE just complicates things. Maybe you want to use a newer or older version of the library or something else altogether. I still go out and download apache-derby instead of using JavaDB which comes with the SDK. Also if an IDE came automatically with apache commons libs.. I'd still remove it and add a newly downloaded one cos the one from the IDE may be out of date.

Just in time, rather than just in case

Even though it might be more likely that I would use a bundled library or framework, I'd still prefer it to be downloaded only when/if I needed it.

less likely, sometimes

I prefer putting in things for myself because prebundled libraries tend to make problems if you want to use another (compatible) version. Remembering big problems with JAXB in Netbeans, that drived me nuts.

less likely, sometimes

I also agree. I've had problems with XML, JSF, JAXB, JAX-WS and JPA. The IDE "integration" got in the way. BTW, no problems with JAX-RS. 6 to 1 is pretty bad IMHO.

less likely, sometimes

I agree. It's extremely important to make sure that other versions the library can be used. It's extremely bad if some library sneaks into your classpath and you cannot replace it with another version.