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How many Java books are you in the process of reading?

None currently
34% (203 votes)
19% (114 votes)
29% (178 votes)
4 or more
9% (56 votes)
I don't read Java books
8% (46 votes)
Something else (please comment)
1% (7 votes)
Total votes: 604


JavaFX, Effective Java, Refactorings

Read Joshua Bloch and a german JavaFX Book. Also i read again some refactoring related Stuff as it is good to keep things in mind. The JavaFX releated Stuff is actually to get deeper in whats behind. Also my next book is already choosen : a "Groovy" book

on-line reading

Although I don't read any books currently I do read a lot of articles, blogs and what not on various Java related topics. With the material available on-line, books are just one of many ways to get information.

on-line reading

however books are usually the only way to get in-depth, accurate, information. Most online resources are extremely shallow, often inaccurate or incomplete, and focus on the hype du jour rather than things that are really useful.