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What languages other than Java do you use on a regular basis?

Scripting languages on the JVM
13% (60 votes)
Scripting languages not on the JVM
27% (130 votes)
Other compiled languages
26% (127 votes)
Something else (please comment)
6% (27 votes)
I only use Java
28% (136 votes)
Total votes: 480



and pl/sql


+1 (Oracle)


yup. About 90% PL/SQL at the moment. Plus bits of Delphi and C++, a smittering of Ruby, and maybe a few lines of Java thrown in for good measure.

Quite a change from a year ago when it was 90% Java, with little bits of Ruby, Delphi, and C++ and maybe a few lines of PL/SQL.



For all it's rough edges, we still use it a lot (Unix & Windows)... now where is that Netbeans perl plugin...? :>