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How concerned are you that a worsening global economy will affect your job?

Very concerned
22% (133 votes)
Somewhat concerned
48% (293 votes)
Not concerned
27% (166 votes)
It already has
3% (21 votes)
Total votes: 613


Demand for IT will increase... the expense of manual labor. Automation of processes drives down costs. That will be the name of the game. Also, I predict that adoption and usage of open source software will thrive while commercial software will suffer. Companies are going to be looking for ways to cut costs. Do they want to spend thousands of dollars on Win2k8, VS.NET, and SQL Server, or do they use Linux/Solaris, Netbeans/Eclipse, and MySQL/PostgresQL? Businesses who may have previously been unwilling to use OSS alternatives will be more than willing as budgets get tight. -Bryan

Demand for IT will increase...

"Automation of processes drives down costs. That will be the name of the game." In the longer term that may be true, but in the short term there are significant capital costs. I expect that in the immediate future many businesses will be seeking to conserve cash, and many will do this in part by restricting capital expenditure.

Demand for IT will increase...

You're right, unfortunately, and the different accounting and tax treatment of capital expenditures vs. "expenses" will make things worse. At least in America.

i'm sure this varies by location and tech

i would think silicon valley ruby types are probably a little more alarmed as they depend on startups/small businesses to get work etc... the java world seems to me to be somewhat more enterprisey and i think those projects probalby aren't affected as much in downturns; big companies and the government will still need the work.