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How many active buttons are on the mouse you're using right now?

5% (48 votes)
21% (208 votes)
49% (487 votes)
5% (46 votes)
11% (110 votes)
More than 5
6% (65 votes)
I don't use a mouse
4% (39 votes)
Total votes: 1003


maybe I'm old

but I've never gotten to grips with having more than 2 buttons on that rodent (and thus don't use more than that). I prefer the keyboard anyway, and get rather upset when a piece of software can't be used (or can't be used efficiently) without a mouse.

How to count?

I have 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. Does that count for three?
My apple mouse has no buttons but functionally 3 areas to push and a scroll ball. How does that add up for number of buttons?

Just wondering.

How to count?

In the Unix-X11 world that are 5 mouse-buttons: 1: left mouse key 2: right mouse key 3: middle mouse key. In this case pressig the scroll wheel 4: scroll up 5: scroll down Don't know how it looks like on Windows.