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How interested are you in running non-Java languages on the JVM?

Very interested
36% (232 votes)
Somewhat interested
28% (179 votes)
Not very interested
21% (132 votes)
Not at all interested
15% (99 votes)
Total votes: 642


To keep Java sane

The better the implementations of other JVM languages, the less the pull will be to put things in Java merely because they exist in other languages. If there was a well supported C# running on the JVM, the arguments for adding C# language features to Java would be quite different.

Very interested

Java language need keep the backward compatibility,that make generic and closure feels badly in Java. We need some language run in JVM,support some features which Java don't support good.Like generics and closures.

Very interested

as long as the capability doesn't compromise the stability and performance of the main function of the JVM, which is to run Java code, I don't mind. And it doesn't, as there are dozens (maybe hundreds) of languages running on the JVM already.