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What kind of code would you most like to develop?

Basic mobile apps
3% (23 votes)
Smartphone apps
6% (45 votes)
Set-top box apps
3% (21 votes)
Desktop apps
44% (316 votes)
Web apps
24% (169 votes)
11% (78 votes)
6% (45 votes)
Something else (please comment)
3% (18 votes)
Total votes: 715


Developer tools

I much prefer code that writes code, or even better, code that someone else can use to write code.


Since when can't a 'desktop app' be a RIA (it runs on the browser :D ) I know (Intra/Internet) not 'desktop' but really, could some of the votes be for RIA tech on desktop? like what JavaFX promises - in theory.

RIA anyone ?

All the hype about RIA's and no entry !
I guess I have to vote twice, once for Desktop Apps and once for Web Apps.

RIA anyone ?

that's typical of hypes. Everyone does it because it's hyped, not because they necessarilly like it.