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When should Java SE 6u10 beta perform an auto-update?

Every new build
36% (135 votes)
Only at Milestone builds (Release Candidate and General Availability)
46% (173 votes)
Something else (please comment)
3% (12 votes)
15% (55 votes)
Total votes: 375


6u10 verus 6u6

how can you know which beta a potential bug you find is related to if the software goes ahead and updates itself?

6u10 verus 6u6

If you are testing a beta you better be aware of it and know what you are doing. If you can't figure out what JRE you are testing you shouldn't be testing a beta in the first place.

6u10 verus 6u6

Consider these sequence of events:
  • I am writing a bug report
  • I type 'java -version' into console to fill in version number on bug report
  • Java autoupdate updates itself to newest beta
  • I run the test case for the bug report unaware of the version update
  • Bug report with results from test case filed using incorrect version number
Given the time between 'java -version' and running of the test case is typically small (seconds) this scenario is unlikely but it is possible. But I guess we could always turn autoupdate off before doing a bug report.

6u10 verus 6u6

if it's installing updates on its own you can't know what you're testing because the software under testing is changing itself while you're testing it.

6u10 verus 6u6

Nothing is suggesting that the JRE you are running your application on will change while you are running your application. The JRE will be constant for any particular run of your application. Error logs should identify the JRE version easily. Or you can just check with "java -version" when you notice a problem.

Autoupdate testing

I guess autoupdate needs user testing too, but I would be one to turn it off immediately so I can be sure of the version I am using when submitting bug reports and testing my own stuff under the new version.

manual update

And why not add an Advanced button in the options to reached a series of button to "Update to the Latest Release" or "Update to the latest beta build" ?

The poll description may be misleading

IMO the builds should be updating automatically to the next buld until the final version is reached and beta builds should update to next beta builds (this is how firefox works - at least for betas)
After this point the updater should fall back into the "update to next final release" mode.

- people using builds are most likely devs or very technology interested users which want to be up to date
- people using betas are a little bit less interested in the bleeding edge but still want the update to the next beta since it is more stable
- the average user should be clear ;-) ...

Why not let the user choose?

Why not add an option to Control Panel \ Java \ Update - "Every new build" / "RCs and Final versions" / "Final versions only"? It should be pretty easy to implement.

Test early test often

It's beta - the latest code should be in the hands of the beta testers always until it hits general release. There is no point to testing obsolete code.