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How far have you ever taken a dispute over code?

Angry e-mails or IMs
26% (119 votes)
Yelling at someone
30% (136 votes)
Destruction of code
5% (23 votes)
Destruction of property
2% (9 votes)
5% (25 votes)
Something else (please comment)
5% (21 votes)
I've never had a dispute over code
27% (124 votes)
Total votes: 457


Fighting? Yelling?

Maybe I live in a very silent little town, but I have never done anything like this. If I do not like the code the co-workers write, I simply quit the project or the company. Why should the police be involved in all this? :-)

I lost my social group.

At my old job we had a "peer review" step before a code change could be submitted to the main branch. A co-worker/friend of mine wanted me to inspect his code. I did, but saw something that wasn't going to work long term. I told him that it really needed to change. When he said "No" I said , "OK, find someone else to inspect it". He did, I asked our boss what I should do when someone goes around me. I was on the architecture team. My boss said "tell me". I said " No, thats not going to make things better." He said "No, we are all grownups here, I need you to tell me. " So I told my boss and I was quickly thrown out of my social group. I ended up fixing the code myself later. I found another social group and eventually left that job. I really didn't think he was going to take it that personally. I had asked lots of other people to make changes to code before putting my seal of approval on it. No one had ever given me a problem before, or since.

Fighting ???

It would probably be funny to hear the stories about the "Fighting" instances.

Code Wars

Didn't have "be snitty for weeks" on the list, so put me down as other

heated discussions

Anyone who's not had heated discussions over things like brace style isn't a real programmer :)

@I've never had a dispute over code