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What was the biggest Java-related development in 2007?

Announcement of JavaFX
9% (107 votes)
Announcement of Android
9% (102 votes)
Release of OpenJDK
33% (386 votes)
Launch of IcedTea project
3% (29 votes)
Apache/Sun JCK conflict
3% (29 votes)
Rise of scripting languages on the JVM
13% (148 votes)
NetBeans 6.0 released
15% (173 votes)
Closures debate remains unresolved
3% (32 votes)
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard lacks JDK 6
9% (109 votes)
Something else (please comment)
3% (39 votes)
Total votes: 1154


New focus on the desktop and multimedia

I think the renewed focus on the desktop is the most important news of the year. Maybe at the end we get faster start up of applets, capability of automatic updates of java installations, not just copy another virtual machine on the hard-disk and leave the old ones in place, maybe we get support for multimedia, like playing mp3 and the capabilities to display movies and, and, and... Even the proclamation of something like this is really the most important Java related news of the year.

Java Kernel…

…Got my write-in vote.

Biggest Java-related development in 2007

1. The zenith of Jee-based multi-tier architectures and the renaissance of space-based architecture built on the top of Jini technologies. 2. MVC as anti-pattern in conjunction with Swing-like Ajax frameworks. 3. Object-oriented databases written in Java as viable alternative to legacy relational database products.