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Which file formats would you most like to open in Java?

Office (.doc, .xls, .ppt)
24% (243 votes)
Open Document Format (.odt, .ods, .odp)
16% (163 votes)
Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)
9% (93 votes)
Audio (.mp3, .aac, .wma)
10% (102 votes)
Video (.mp4, .mov, .wmv)
25% (260 votes)
Flash (.swf)
8% (83 votes)
Archive formats (.rar, .tar)
4% (43 votes)
Something else (please comment)
4% (36 votes)
Total votes: 1023


Formats already available

Perhaps if they integrated such a cleanser they could add HTML support. Until then, I re-iterate my request that Java have SOME sort of HTML capability. Any platform that can't render HTML in 2007 is dead in the water.

Formats already available

Flying Saucer looks interesting, but it renders XHTML, not HTML.

SVG because…

I voted for SVG. Visual media like video should be supported in Java, but since video or images tend to be "dropped" into a distinct panel in a UI, it's not as interesting. Drop in your video widget and that's it. SVG is interesting because it could be used together with other things like Java2d. The interaction there, if supported smoothly, could create nice (dare I say it?!) synergy.

Media support

The default format for media in JAVA could be OGG(AUDIO/VIDEO).

Hardware-accelerated video/audio

Not just "open" but have it use the video board's capacities through its native drivers. "Opening" HD video without that would be a joke.

my opinion on the top 4 rank

- Video (.mp4, .mov, .wmv)
- Open Document Format (.odt, .ods, .odp), free office formats are more important than unfree ones.
- Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg),
- Audio (.mp3, .aac, .wma)
java needs to be good in media.

my opinion on the top 4 rank

"- Open Document Format (.odt, .ods, .odp), free office formats are more important than unfree ones." In my mind, popular office formats are more important than unpopular ones if you're trying to do something practical rather than make a political statement. I think lack of MS Office compatibility is holding Java back far, far more than lack of ODF. (That's certainly the case with our customers, anyway.)

my opinion on the top 4 rank

What would you really do with office documents that you couldn't do better with their native editors? The editor kit support in Java is so miserable, I dread seeing more of anything like that.

Default video format.

All of the above except Office and Flash. And please, Java needs its default video format. Silverlight (.NET) has its WMV Flash has Flash Video (VP6 codec from On2) Java has what? One feature of Flash that contributed to its success is its default video format (vector graphics is the other one). Java needs Theora Video. Let's call it "The Java Video". I'm talking about the DEFAULT video format and not about just codec support via JMF or libraries that make programming in Java+multimedia more difficult than genetics. Java is already so left behind in the internet video market.

Default video format.

I second that. Default video is better then trying to constantly play catchup as we try to support other peoples video codecs.

Default video format.

Absolutely not!

Java should not have its "own" video format -= that's just plain dumb. There are already too many formats out there. Java should support (relatively) open formats out of the box and integrate with the native formats on whatever system it is running on.

Java should support MPEG4, and MP3 on all systems - maybe OGG but nobody uses it so it doesn't matter. Quicktime on Mac (and maybe Windows), Windows Media (or anything that can be rendered via DirectShow) on Windows, etc.

Basically The Java Media Framework needs to be finished and cleaned up.

Default video format.

Java should support MPEG4, and MP3 on all systems - maybe OGG but nobody uses it so it doesn't matter. Nobody uses OGG? Wrong. Free Software Foundation uses OGG. Many other companies uses OGG internally. And who was using On2's VP6 codec before Adobe licensed it to be the default in Flash? Near to nobody. The same with VP6, OGG could also be the DEFAULT in Java. Having a default is better than giving the developers and end users a problem which codec they would care out of tens of codecs in the world. We are following Flash success here and Flash has proved that having a default CODEC is the way to go. Make MPEG 4 the default? Java is owned by the community and not by a rich company like Adobe. Adobe pays MPEG 4 license because they're rich. Now who's gonna pay for Java? OGG is here to save Java. OGG is FOSS and the quality is competitive.

Default video format.

I'm all for the official java video codec being an MPEG4 or something "standard" but integrate with the native formats on whatever system it is running on is a big waste of time and energy. These formats will ALWAYS change and Java/Sun would have to keep up with a dozen update and release cycles of the various video technologies. The next time QT updates, *POW* Java is broken, the next time Realplayer changes an API, *POW* Java is broken. Also why add the dependency? Now all client application need Java AND Windows Media Player 11 AND QuickTime 7

Having a default open and free codec and open and free tools to transcode content will help to deliver content to the user with a minimal amount of hassle on the client side. Flash has proven that ease of distrbution of video content trumps everything else. Youtube is a great example of this. We need something as the default.


How about a lightweight HTML renderer ;)

All of them

I a perfect world I would like to be able just to work with all of them as and when I need to. ho hum