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What would most help your career?

Learning new programming languages
11% (66 votes)
Learning new APIs
16% (99 votes)
Learning new tools
6% (39 votes)
Doing more substantial work with what I already know
33% (209 votes)
Doing something other than programming
31% (191 votes)
Something else (please comment)
3% (20 votes)
Total votes: 624


My Summary

~32% work smarter ~32% work harder ~32% do other things beside programming ~3% think outside of the box


Being involved in a variety of projects. I've found often developers that gain experience in certain fields get stuck in those fields. Example: if you have experience in web services you'll end up constantly doing web services because you are the most experienced person in that field at your organization.

Computer Science first

Apart from knowing atleast one programming language absolutely inside out, its important to first be aware (at least) of the basics of computer science (algorithms, OS, architecture, data structures, graph theory, automata). After that, you'd look to specialize in one area of mainstream (software/hardware) engineering.

Doing something else?

It is very interesting to see that 1 from 3 programmers would like to get away from programming activities. What are their concerns?

Doing something else?

Overtime, stress and pressure... Not enough?

Doing something else?

They're not necessarily saying that want to get away from programming, just that that's what would help their career the most. And, for many, career advancement isn't necessarily a high priority; they're quite happy as developers, even if they don't have much more room to advance in that role.

Doing Something Other Than Programming

I selected "doing something other.." where the "something else" is, in my mind, being CEO of a software startup. :-)

Which career?

....I'd like to hit to lottery so I could advance my career as a beach bumb. My software career has progressed just fine.