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How old is your oldest code that's still in production?

0-1 years
6% (55 votes)
2-3 years
12% (111 votes)
4-5 years
24% (214 votes)
6-10 years
30% (266 votes)
Over 10 years old
22% (194 votes)
Don't have any code in production
6% (50 votes)
Total votes: 890


Grandfather's axe

There's a tail of a grandfather's axe, where the head has been replaced three times, and the handle four times, but the grandfather still considers it his old axe. A product I created about a decade ago is still being sold, and I imagine that much of my code still is in there, but as new versions have been released, and old code refactored, enhanced, and rewritten since I left that company 8 years ago, it's not necessarily "my old code" any longer.

Time flies like an arrow

I support some code over 20 years old, but I still feel like a noob not a dinosaur programmer.

hard to tell...

I wouldn't be surprised if the oldest was by now over a decade old, maybe going on 15 years. But I've not kept track so it's impossible to tell. What I can tell is that there's code out there still in use today that's about 5 years old. The intervening decade was a bit of a blur :)