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How do you best like to communicate with fellow project members?

Mailing list
29% (85 votes)
Web forum
19% (56 votes)
Live chat (IRC, etc.)
29% (87 votes)
Conference call
9% (27 votes)
Something else
14% (42 votes)
Total votes: 297


face to face

Nothing beats walking over to someone's desk and talking to them...


person to person. if not, then video conference. if not, then webex (or some sort of live meeting) finally, you would go with the above options...

For what kind of projects?

For open-source project, I prefer mailing lists for most communication. When quick feedback is needed or when getting into the details for things, IRC is preferred (because it's easy to log so it can put on a web site). For work projects, face to face works great.