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How interested are you in learning JavaFX Script?

Very interested
17% (128 votes)
Somewhat interested
28% (210 votes)
Not very interested
25% (191 votes)
Not at all interested
19% (145 votes)
11% (82 votes)
Total votes: 756



Can somebody please explain why we need JavaFX or XAML, when we already have SVG? KDE4 uses SVG for GUIs. Seems like a clever choice to me. It's a mature standard. It's very well supported. You can do stunning FX in SVG.

Wrong place to ask?

I think is the wrong place to ask this question. JavaFX should be a good tool for non-programmers. It should be powerful for designers. Similar like HDi is preferred over BD-Java by designers.


I'm more interested in grovvy, on the other hand JavaFX will be first choice on mobiles in the future.

Definitely Interested, but waiting...

I'm definitely interested in learning it, but I'm waiting until the language and tools(?!) are established and I stand a chance of building a complete app which my company can use. As I heard James Ward say in a presentation: JavaFX looks very promising, but you can develop Flex applications today.

Better Java

I'm quite interested in what Java can learn from JavaFX. Particularly if something can be done about JavaBeans.