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How do you type your code?

Full-blown touch typing
60% (481 votes)
With three fingers per hand
26% (211 votes)
With two fingers per hand
10% (80 votes)
With one finger per hand
3% (25 votes)
With an alternative input method (please comment)
1% (11 votes)
Total votes: 808


3 for me

never have had any touch typing lessons, just by typing frequently, i always look at the keybord, since i know what will be on the screen by watching what i type.. I can type wquite fast this way without too much errors... my mother was a true touch typer, but i type faster using the special keys like crtl-something and the more exotic three-key shortcuts...


I use 3 fingers per hand, never learned typing, but manage to type without looking at the keyboard. But the problem is, not having learned touch typing is proving to be "fatal" now, with intermittent shoulder aches. I should've learned typing the classical way. Anyone else facing issues due to that (not learning typing and being afflicted with RSI as a result)?

Keyboard layout

Anyone using the Dvorak layout?

Keyboard layout

I have been using Dvorak (and touch typing, wrt the poll) for many years and love it.


... with 5 fingers of my left hand touch-typing, and a mouse for code templates and structuring and completions et. al.

IDE is the key.


I never learned some 10-finger touch-typing. Learned it all by typing (started in an early age coding my c128) but I am very proud that I can type and look at the screen without typing too many errors. This way I can check all things I type and don't do many errors.

Mostly touch type...

I'm definitely a touch typer, but I'm not sure I could say I write most of my code by touch typing. At a guess I'd say about half the code I write is done through code completion in eclipse (ctrl + space, ctrl + 1). On that note, I really like eclipse, but I don't like being tied to a specific tool and Netbeans has some cool things I'd like to try out. Unfortunately I can't work in it for more than about five minutes before I get frustrated trying to get something done and jump back to eclipse. Anybody point me to a good, succinct, Netbeans intro? P.S. I'm not bashing Netbeans or eclipse here I've just been working in eclipse long enough to know the ins and outs and I'd like to be more familiar with Netbeans. I don't want an IDE flamewar here.

Mostly touch type...

Depends on what you are struggling with in Netbeans. In any case, the results page of a typing poll is definitely not the best place to get support for learning an IDE.

4 for me

Mine would be something like 4 fingers per hand.
The only one that I don't use are the tiny little boys on each hand.
I guess I remember using them myself when using a typewriter and hurting myself... so now I just use them quite scarcely.