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Which open-source license would you be most likely to write Java applications under?

31% (248 votes)
2% (19 votes)
Dual GPL/CDDL license
2% (17 votes)
Apache License
28% (220 votes)
12% (94 votes)
Something else
5% (39 votes)
20% (158 votes)
Total votes: 795


Java Applications

For an application I would most likely license under the GPL. However if there are reusable pieces I can pull out and jar up as libraries I would most likely license those under LGPL or an Apache license. I don't want somebody using my specific application code (assuming I've made the decision to open source it) in a proprietary product. I have less of a problem when it comes to reusable libraries with generic or general functionality.


The only Java code I've released as open source so far is, indeed, licensed under the LGPL. Although, I need to go back and add license headers to all the files, I don't think any of them actually have the header now... there's just a note on the webpage (at least I think there is) saying that it's all under the LGPL.


I'm unlikely to releast my source, but if it has to be it's most likely going to be an Apache style license.

I don't want to be forced into a specific license for my products based on products I use, so why should I do that to others?

LGPL or GPL with exceptions

LGPL allows linking the code in without having to share your code (great for commercial use) while still ensuring that changes made to your code will be shared back.

Public Domain

I'm probably crazy, but my favorite to use is none at all. It's worked for SQLite, SAX, and others.

What about licenses you like to use in applications you USE?

I think an interesting poll to compare this with is "which open-source license would you prefer for applications that you use?" If people understand the ramifications of GPL, it would be much less popular in that poll.


I found that otherwise people often wouldn't/couldn't use my APIs in their own (commercial) projects. Chris


if it must be OSS Apache most likely, but more likely I won't release the source to the general public (at least initially).


You're totally right - I should have included LGPL. Since the poll's only been up for three hours, I've add LGPL. Feel free to change your vote if you're so inclined.


yes. LGPL Why is it not listed among the options?