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What's your reaction to Sun's open-sourcing of the Java SE, ME, and EE technologies?

Very pleased
67% (352 votes)
19% (100 votes)
No opinion
8% (40 votes)
4% (20 votes)
Very displeased
3% (14 votes)
Total votes: 526


Another in a long history of contributions

Because of their forward looking stance on NFS, it is built into most Unix/Linux/other distributions. With the release of the Java code, Sun has assured Java's future. Instead of GNU having to write a similar language with a cute name, we can take the code and hit the ground running. This will really help with the development of embedded systems, and is a good one-up on Microsoft with their restrictive source license for Windows CE.

I am happy with the current status of Java already

Because Java is not controlled by Microsoft or IBM.

I am happy with the current status of Java already

The current state was good, this new development is a disaster.

It effectively makes development of commercial systems, or development of software for internal use in companies, using Java impossible for fear of lawsuits and loss of revenue and security.

The inevitable flood of forks (by IBM among others, who will try to wrestle control of the language specs away from Sun as they have for almost a decade) will only make things worse.

I hoped ..

but I NEVER thought it would be the GLP. Great news.


Yes, yes, YES!!!