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Which style of Java conference do you prefer?

A single huge conference (JavaOne)
34% (174 votes)
JUG-run conferences (JavaPolis)
21% (108 votes)
Topic-specific conferences (TheServerSide, ApacheCon)
11% (55 votes)
Touring conferences (NetBeans Day, No Fluff Just Stuff)
17% (85 votes)
Something else (please comment)
2% (9 votes)
I'm not interested in Java conferences
16% (84 votes)
Total votes: 515


alternatives may simply be closer

Personally, I prefer larger conferences, mostly due to the large-scale potential for the sharing of ideas and information. However, In the past 7 years I have attended a number of Java conferences in and around Europe (the Javapolis, the JavaZone, the Jazoon and the JAX). I found that the Javapolis, JavaZone and the Jazoon all seemed to be relatively minor league (with the exception of the Javapolis). And they ALL focused a little too heavily on the Java community for my taste. I go to conferences to learn...and network and socialize afterwards. In my mind, content is king. That being said The JAX conference seems to have superior content, yes, but as you mentioned in your post only about 40% of the sessions are in English. But it still seems to be the lesser of two evils. So from a content point of view, the JAX is honestly the closest thing I can get to the JavaOne anywhere in Europe.

something else ... sort off

I think there is a place for all of the above. As proven by attendance to all of the types mentioned it is clear they all fill a need...

No Fluff!

First, I should admit that I occasionally speak at NFJS, so you might consider me biased... but before I was a speaker there, I found out about NFJS when I was a manager controlling a training budget for about 35 people. I could send 6 people to a NFJS show for what it costs to send 1 to JavaOne, and the technical content is much higher. With a local conference, there is no travel, no hotel, no per diem costs. The entire cost of the conference is the admission. Much more bang for the buck both in number of people exposed and the technical depth of the material.

Touring Conferences

Well, for us who find it expensive to attend JavaOne - a touring conference is ideal since we will be exposed to more Java technology without spending too much money. An alternate choice - one huge conference like JavaOne - where we learn a lot of stuff in literally one sitting. :D

For me is better huge conference due to time to spend to travell

I've never been to a Java conference