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What form does most of your Java development take?

Web applications
41% (355 votes)
Services (web service, Jini, etc.)
7% (57 votes)
Libraries / frameworks / middleware
13% (108 votes)
Desktop applications
36% (307 votes)
Small-device applications
2% (21 votes)
Something else (please comment)
2% (16 votes)
Total votes: 864


equal parts...

I'm (currently) doing about equal parts service and framework/API development with a smittering of web and client development in the form of demos and test applications for those services and APIs. The one thing I have under my wings which could be classed as a web application is actually a service delivering content through HTTP over a servlet layer, but no html or anything else a browser can display to look like a website.

Applet Games

My current project PiratesQuest will be a applet game, i think this is an exceptional one. Bc i can't list it under the topics, to choose.

Applet Games

"Something else" ?

Applet Games

Yea, i voted on "Somethin else"! But Something else, it said i had to comment it, why i choose that.

Web / Desktop applications

Judging from this poll, it seems that Java is as strong in Desktop development than in Web apps. And we are always said that Java is primarily used for Web. Of course there is only a little more than 100 voters yet...

Web / Desktop applications

You make a common mistake humans make when trying to inprete statistics: You conclude to much. What the statistic actually is saying is that (from the set of people that visit there are nearly as many people developing rich client applications as there are people developing web applications. Now, this does not mean that "Java is as strong in Desktop development than in Web apps", because programming complex applications in Swing is a lot more difficult than developing web apps due to the concurrency problematic and the increased possibilities to interact. So, given the same complex problem, you need more resources to build a decent Swing application than to build a web app solving it. Just my 2 cents, Lars

Web / Desktop applications

Right, the poll could never claim to be a survey of the entire Java community because of the inherent biases of self-selection and where it's posted (for example, being on an English-language site probably makes a difference; a poll posted to a Chinese or French site would have different biases). And you'd surely get different results if you posted this on TheServerSide.

Still, I never imagined that desktop would be tied with web apps after a day, and I thought libraries would be higher too. We'll see how things develop over the course of the next week.