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Which feature of JSR-277 most appeals to you?

Importing specific versions of third-party modules
22% (62 votes)
Limiting visibility of module contents
12% (32 votes)
Bundling non-Java-language code
4% (11 votes)
Bundling pre-compiled Java code
13% (36 votes)
Potential for modularizing the JRE
32% (88 votes)
Something else
2% (6 votes)
Nothing in JSR-277 appeals to me
15% (42 votes)
Total votes: 277


OSGi heard of it?

Align yourself with OSGi or at least copy the specification verbatim and call it Sun's wonderful new component development model and you are done.... Reinventing the wheel stinks no matter how badly you are inflicted with NIH syndrome..

Doesn't OSGi already have some of this?

As mentioned before, please align with OSGi. If I am not totally mistaken, some of what is targeted in JSR-277 is already part of JSR-291?

Something else

I'd be much more impressed with a single JVM that could support multiple JRE/JDK installs without them fighting over each other and allowing apps to pick the version they run under.

Align with OSGi

Other: please align with OSGi. Don't reinvent the wheel.

Many cool features

Modular JRE, importing specific module versions, and pre-compiled code are all really cool features. All your base are belong to JSR-277. -Bryan