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How active are you in your local Java User Group?

I'm an officer
11% (82 votes)
I attend meetings frequently
16% (113 votes)
I attend meetings sporadically
14% (104 votes)
I visit their web page
8% (58 votes)
I'm not involved
24% (171 votes)
I don't have a local JUG
24% (173 votes)
Something else (please comment)
3% (21 votes)
Total votes: 722


Just starting new local JUG today (Hamburg, Germany)

Hi... Have your JUG Leader contact Sun JUG Programs at mailto: jug_program at sun com We may have some content (a video) for your next JUG meeting or some free items to giveaway. Aaron Houston JUG Programs Coordinator Sun Microsystems

No JUG in Israel

There used to be a JUG several years ago, but non exists now. I guess it has to do with the "high" investment Sun Israel is doing at developers. No wonder they mostly sell hardware.

No JUG in Israel

I'm working on setting a JUG meeting in the near future.

Non local JUG in Chile

Once we tried to start one with the help of Sun. But without success. Maybe its time to try again.

Another missing category

I actively participate in a JUG mailing list. :)

You missed a category

"I give presentations at my local JUG"

Enterprise-only club

I'm mostly a desktop guy, and my local JUG unofficially turned into an enterprise-only club around 2000 or so -- I get the newsletter and in all that time, I don't think I've ever seen a desktop speaker listed. The current membership seems pretty big and pretty happy though, so I guess that's just how it has to be. But I bet I'm not the only one who feels left out by the local JUG.

Enterprise-only club

Hi, I am a Jug leader and I have to admit, that when I red your comment I felt like, hmmmm this transformation to Enterprise Java club sounds familiar. I have to admit that we are making lets say the same mistake ? I dont know if it is a mistake though Enterprise Java is motivating most of the IT java related market..though it is tim I agree the desktop initiative to ...grow.. Anyway very nice comment...I have to reconsider the whole thing I admit!

No Local JUG

Unfortunately, our local JUG was assimilated by the local WUG (Websphere Users Group). Maybe it's time to start a new one JUG?

No Local JUG

You betcha!! WUG != JUG please. No way.

No Local JUG

+1 to that. Most places don't have an active JUG and suffer from lack of coordination amongst Java developers.

No Local JUG

Definitely post your location so others can help you set one up.