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How often do you listen to music while coding?

15% (125 votes)
Most of the time
26% (211 votes)
Some of the time
27% (224 votes)
19% (159 votes)
13% (104 votes)
Total votes: 823


what am I listening to?

I'm honestly more productive w/ music cranked up while writing doubts there. Today: Pantera - Far Beyond Driven. Last night: DMB, Eagles, Greenday.

Baroque Jazz Fusion

I've found the best coding music to be Trace if the work is not too mentally challenging otherwise listening to a Baroque Jazz fusion seems to the best for more serious efforts. And then no music at all if the problem really hard.

Racken, Dacken, Fracken, Shaken

Alas, I used to listen to music almost permanently while coding. Then I got made an on-site consultant and it's all suits and sitting up straight and "Music? What's that?". Just bought new headphones, too. : (

Music + Coding

I find large works for orchestra (symphonies or piano concertos) to be the most suitable for coding. Music from Prokofiev and Shostakovich are particularly effective.

Music + Coding

When you need to code something fast, nothing beats Chemical Brothers to get your leg bouncing and your fingers fllying.

ahh, but *what* are you listening to?

myself: miami vice, 2k6 and best of jan hammer (original vice), gnarls barkley and just today pearl jam...

ahh, but *what* are you listening to?

atari teenage riot & early einstuerzende neubauten for writing tests, swing for debugging, no smoking orchestra and goran bregovic for writing code, classical for writing docs.

ahh, but *what* are you listening to?