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Have you tried out Google Web Toolkit yet?

Yes, and I like it
20% (102 votes)
Yes, but I don't like it
8% (43 votes)
No, but I'd like to
42% (216 votes)
No, it's not my thing
28% (146 votes)
Something else (please comment)
3% (13 votes)
Total votes: 520



has anyone tried swilet - being able to write a swing application and deploy it as a web app sounds powerful but will presumably suffer from real-world constraints swilet demos, or swilet experiences would be great to hear about thx


curious about this too.


hi, I found that I'd missed that they have instructions for swilet download and demo (its very simple - download, run a batch file, open a web browser) its early days right now from what I can see, impressive thats its working at all though :) thanks, asjf


yes i tried it. but i don't like it!

over my dead body

I won't have anything to do with Google, and will certainly not further their plans for world domination by assimillation of every computer out there.

over my dead body

I don't know how serious you are, but as a Mac user I get annoyed when Google gives us the cold shoulder, which they do fairly often, as in the case of the GWT.


GWT is pretty good for an inital release.. but misses some marks for supporting only java 1.4.2. on the client side. It basically allows you to develop java web apps using the same techniques you would employ for a swing app. In fact most swing programers would feel quite comfortable using this new api. A few things they need to do to round out the product. Allow use of classes that implements Serializable on the client side. (Very annoying that they dont allow this) and implement support for java 1.5 specificaly generics! I think this is a project to play with for now.. and really watch closely for the future.