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Are you represented in the Java Community Process?

Yes, through my company
7% (19 votes)
Yes, as an individual member
7% (19 votes)
No, but I plan to join
20% (54 votes)
No, and I don't plan to join
62% (168 votes)
Something else (please comment)
4% (11 votes)
Total votes: 271


As the saying goes ...

Nice, heartwarming quotes on the current JSPA's chilling effects by JCP members from ASF, BEA, IBM, etc. including talk of deception, getting beat about on head and neck by Sun for trying to publish APIs under an open source license, and so on. In my opinion that is a rather biased summary. I did read through the threads you linked to, and while I saw some arguments about licencing, it seemed that in the end the issues where resolved to at least the minimally acceptable levels of satisfaction for the people involved. And that is all I'm going to say on this topic, I'm not going to fight Sun's or Apache's battles for them, especially since I'm not sure there even is a battle to be fought. I can only speak from my own experiences as an individual participant, and so far the experience has been positive.


How many hours per week are required for participation in the JCP? There have been projects that have interested me (Swing Framework for one), but I don't know how much work it would end up being, and the JCP join-up form seems a little unfriendly to the non-employer-sponsored registrant... So I avoided it rather than waste anyone's time...

No, but glad it's there.

I'm in the 'No, and don't plan to join' crowd, but I would like to say I'm really glad the JCP is there. I personally don't have the time, nor the expertise in many cases, to put towards the JCP, but I feel its worth is immeasurable.