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When will you start using Java EE 5?

Already have
26% (159 votes)
Within 0-6 months
19% (114 votes)
6-12 months from now
11% (68 votes)
More than 12 months from now
11% (66 votes)
I develop enterprise apps, but not with EE
15% (95 votes)
I don't develop enterprise apps
16% (97 votes)
Something else (please comment)
3% (16 votes)
Total votes: 615


Trying to use it, but basic features fail

While trying to use EJB3, and JEE5 I keep running into those aweful "local" beans. Has anyone been able to have a bean on one box, hit a bean on another? Using code that works in EJB2.1, to get initialcontext, setting properties to the provider url, and factory to the other box, Neither JBoss, nor Glassfish seem to work. For a one box wonder, it's great but to make something scalable, it looks like I have to go back to EJB 2.1. -sfitz

Trying to use it, but basic features fail

You can't access local beans from another server. You'll need to annotate an interface with @Remote, then have your bean implement that interface.

Trying to use it, but basic features fail

Hi Sfitz - Have you asked for help at the GlassFish USER mailing list or Forum? - eduard/o

'm never gonna use J2EE

its 2 much complex for swing kiddo like me. i use seaside ( smalltalk web-framework ). I think so that once u used to seaside , u r never gonna 2 look back to J2EE for medium level enterprice applications.

Define 'using'

If 'using' means playing or experimenting with, then I'm doing that now.

If 'using' means writing a commercial app with Java EE 5, then not until there's more industry support. And that'll take quite a while - more than a year.

Wow, I'm not alone

21% not writing enterprise apps. With all the attentions EE gets, I thought I was the only one doing Swing or ME.

Wow, I'm not alone

No, you are not alone. I believe we are finally going to get some attention with Mustang and Netbeans 6.0, however. After reading Josh's articles on using the Persistence API for desktop applications, we may need to use Java EE 5 to some extent. That would be the only foreseeable use we have for EE 5.

Wow, I'm not alone

You do not have to use JEE if you want to use JPA, hibernate does not need it, neither does the JPA RI, there is a standalone jpa version downloadable from the and the oracle sites (under the oracle umbrella you might find it as Toplink essentials)

Wow, I'm not alone

:(( evick, don't say this.v r surely gonna suffer from hell if v bring EE things with swing.

Wow, I'm not alone

Don't worry. Certainly, the Persistence API will eventually make it into the SE core libraries if it becomes THE standard persistence API.

customer demand

when and if there's enough customer demand and/or we see enough benefits of our own we may decide to use it.