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What style of blog do you most enjoy reading?

Technical introduction / tutorial / article
69% (259 votes)
News / announcements
5% (20 votes)
Evangelism / advocacy
2% (7 votes)
Theory and practice
18% (68 votes)
Slice-of-life / humor
3% (13 votes)
Pointer blogs
1% (3 votes)
Something else (please comment)
1% (4 votes)
Total votes: 374


Anything but the XML

The amount of XML involved in Java is starting to really put me off.
So pretty much anything anything starting with these three letters J.A.X.
I don't mind Ajax though, that is pretty interesting, so long as the XML is used for transferring data, and we don't try to turn it into a programming language by the back door.

Anything but the XML

I agree. Though it seems that JEE 5 is a step in the right direction. I have a few friends in .NET and they were talking about how easy it is to do everything in .NET. I dont know much about it but boy it seems a hell of a lot cleaner than J2EE right now.

everything really!

The featured article is usually an interesting twist on a familiar subject matter; always a great angle to look at things from. The blogs are good highlights of the community, and it shows where the fellow java dev is at these days, and what new ideas they have. The forum features are ok, but as if I don't already waste enough work hours with the first two, the product releases really take a chunk out of my day. I usually spend time treeing through each to find out what it does now, who's working on it, it's direction and what project inspired it, etc onward. The only thing I wish happened would be that it included other projects not located here. I ususally get whiffs of those in the comment sections as people go "why don't you just use...". Still though, generally I really like the content here.