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Are you going to do more open-source coding this summer?

Yes, vacation means more coding time
32% (139 votes)
No, it's time to hit the beach or pool
43% (187 votes)
N/A, it's not summer where I live
14% (59 votes)
Something else (please comment)
11% (48 votes)
Total votes: 433


Having too much fun

I spend my summers climbing moutains. The real kind not the code kind.

more coding maybe... but open source?

that requires a certain level of dedication, some of us just want to try out interesting ideas :)


...And I want to spend my precious free time in the good weather writing code so that I can give it away for free so someone else can use it and try and put me out of a job? LOL Pass. I've got a set of red hot pokers for my eyes that I'm warming up for use. They are on the list just ahead of writing open source code....

Sure, coding is part of life~

Not for google, though. Never.

Sure, coding is part of life~

Yeah, couldn't agree more. Will code for the love of it (very likely open source) but not if Google has anything to do with it. Thanks, but no thanks.


Even if summer, that doesn't necessarily mean vacation.


yup. No vacation for me. I'll just keep on working and earning a living while all the slackers laze on the beach with their laptops writing code so Google can launch another "service" to steal personal data using software they didn't have to pay a penny for.


Same plans here. No vacation, workdays all summer.