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What's your reaction to Sun's JavaOne 2006 announcements?

35% (155 votes)
5% (21 votes)
16% (74 votes)
What announcements?
44% (199 votes)
Total votes: 449


no seriously, no announcement

Yeah I agree... Sun's open source announcement for java seemed exciting at first, until you started reading the details.

No seriously, WHICH announcements?

(I wasn't at JavaOne, so like many I've had to follow event second hand, via blogs, podcasts, etc.)

Open Sourcing Java I have mixed views about. Is this being done for the general betterment of Java, or to placate a minority of vocal Linux users with pseudo-religious views on the 'purity' of software? :-)

VisualBasic on the JVM I am quite interested in. Not that I want to start writing in VB, but I can see potential for allowing a lot of programmers to escape 'single vendor lock-in' with minimal retraining, while also gaining a performance boost in their applications thanks to JIT/hotspot. Whether or not any of those coders will 'upgrade' to Java itself we will have to wait and see (I suspect not!) but the fact that it opens up the market at little should be welcomed.

No seriously, WHICH announcements?

Now that really was an important announcement.
Microsoft basically re-wrote the VB language for the .net platform. This despite the overwhelming objection of the legions of VB developers. They are now threatening to discontinue support of the visual studio.

This makes the JVM/JRE a very attractive haven for the stunned VB refugees.

(I could make a point about that being a risk of using a vendor-owned language, but I guess I won't ;-)

no seriously, what announcements.

i followed and javalobby and even some artima waiting for the "bulleted list" of important information and it never came. i dont want to download a damn audio file, i dont want to meander through someones damn blog, JUST GIVE ME THE INFO

no seriously, what announcements.

The big one was the open-sourcing of Java - "not if, but how". Personally I think that Sun has done a great job with Java and having a single body "Own" the core technology is fine with me.

no seriously, what announcements.

Personally I'm extremely worried by the potential implications for the language, which could very well lead to it becoming just another has-been within a few months (at most) from the plan taking effect.

For the majority of Java developers that would mean they're going to have to throw away 5-10 years of their careers and start over in some other technology. They're too expensive to keep on for keeping existing applications alive and not experienced enough in other technologies to play the lead roles in porting and rewriting projects that their Java expertise and seniority would grant them only a few months prior.

Instead they'll be doing junior work on senior pay until the next round of layoffs in which they'll be dumped.

no seriously, what announcements.

amen, i'm not that concerned with java's osing either. although, if it allows to add multi-line strings constants... ;)

no seriously, what announcements.

Well, you might want to be concerned. Everyone has their own little feature that they miss from some language that they'd love for Java to get (e.g. operator overloading, structs, C++-style templates, MFC, etc.) Imagine what would happen if every feature out there with a substantial following got added to Java. We would have C++. There IS value in not being able to get your favorite feature into the language.