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Are you in crunch time?

42% (297 votes)
No, just finished a crunch
13% (88 votes)
No, but a crunch is coming
21% (144 votes)
No, I don't do crunch time
21% (148 votes)
Other (please comment)
3% (22 votes)
Total votes: 699


crunch is a state of mind

Make accurate guesses, they were due yesterday! But crunch time might be described as time spent on the imaginary line between the "learning zone" and the pure pain region to the left of it in the figure shown in the current ACM "Communications" article about "Flow." But other times it's just too much drudge per day to meet one's quality goals.

crunch is a state of mind

My mind blew out, I suspected some meaning, but now I'm crunching just trying to figure out what "crunch time" nearly means. Thanks a lot although.

Just an English question

For all of us, that are not english speaking persons, could anybody be so kind as to explain what "crunch time" means. Thanks a lot.

Mmmmm, crunch time...

I haven't had a Crunch bar in years.

after N months of requirements,

The business is surprised that the tasks we said would take time, are indeed taking time. No one listens to the worry warts. "If we do it in parallel, everything goes faster, and there's never any confusion!";)