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Have you tried the Mustang (Java SE 6) beta?

50% (372 votes)
No, not interested
17% (129 votes)
No, not available for my platform
10% (72 votes)
No, other reason (please comment)
23% (170 votes)
Total votes: 743



No time in this moment.

out of time

yeah... but it's in the study queue.


i'm waiting till the final version for make the entire update for a single shot

I am in Iran

I am in Iran and I can't download any thing from SUN :-(

I've been using it...

In fact, some jars that I compiled with it got checked in and it broke the build (Other classes tried to compile against them, and the compiler complained that the version number was too high.)


I thought the startup time of Java SE 5 on Linux was good - with Mustang it's even faster. Try the SwingSet demo of 5 then 6 and you'll see what I mean! :o)

No, other reason (please comment)

It's not available for the freaking Mac OS X...

Getting to know Java Technology

I'm still a bit recent to JDK5.0, and am learning all of its features, so i dont wanna try JDK6.0 yet, since i dont think thatd be wise...

a release for FreeBSD would be great

If Sun was willing to release a version for FreeBSD it would be great to use this in my servers.

Weekly Builds instead of Beta

At least for me the reason to not try the beta is because of the weekly builds.