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How often do you listen to Java-oriented podcasts?

11% (65 votes)
6% (36 votes)
9% (53 votes)
I listen to podcasts, but not about Java
10% (59 votes)
I don't listen to podcasts
63% (361 votes)
Total votes: 574


Prefer to read a transcript

I listened to one for the first time yesterday, but stopped some way before the end. I would have much preferred to read a transcript which would have taken a fraction of the time.

Prefer to read a transcript

I prefer to listen to podcasts rather than read transcripts even though it takes longer because it leaves my hands and eyes free to do other things.

others? only through itunes?

I have listened to Java Posse and think it is great. What are some others that are focused on Java? Is the list in itunes the only place to find podcasts or is there some other directory of podcasts that is filtered through apple?

There is one podcast I would love to listen to...

Sadly, the Java podcast that I would most like to listen to doesn't exist. It is, of course, "Code Talk" with Click and Hack the TypeIt brothers.

Which ones?

We're also interested in knowing what Java podcasts people are listening to. What's out there that we should know about?

-Chris (invalidname)

Which ones?

Java Posse is my favorite so far. I listen to podcasts almost every day when commuting to/from work. I have to increase my travel time to keep up with all the interesting podcasts. :-)