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When do you think you'll write your last line of Java code?

This year
7% (74 votes)
Next year
2% (22 votes)
2-5 years
13% (130 votes)
5-10 years
23% (238 votes)
10-20 years
18% (179 votes)
20+ years
37% (372 votes)
Total votes: 1015



There are many reasons why you might write your last line of Java. They fall into two main groups:
  • death, retirement, moving into management or other means of leaving a technical role.
  • changing your implementation language for something better (which might not exist yet)

Perhaps we need a followup poll.


I see the Java language evolving a bit more and then stop. However, the tools build over it, coupled with XML, will allow for meta-programming. This will make Java even more powerful and omnipresent. Although in the future, people may not immediately realize that Java is working underneath this layer. Truly distrubited inter-JVM operations will be another strong plus point to supplement the above.