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Which interface would you most like to use in Java?

Serial ports
8% (74 votes)
75% (681 votes)
IEEE 1394 (FireWire/i.Link)
5% (48 votes)
1% (10 votes)
Something else
2% (21 votes)
Don't need device access
9% (80 votes)
Total votes: 914


Serial, USB, firewire

I use Serial now, and I'd really like to see the javax.comm API finished, and uniform support on all of the platforms (Solaris, Linux, Windows, OS X).

Having said that, the writing is clearly on the wall for serial ports. Java needed USB support about five years ago. It's amazing that it isn't there yet.


I have not used commapi (serial and parallel COMMunication API) lately. But I would like to share my experiences with it. It does not come with the standard distribution, and there is no installer for it. It means that you have to manually install three files into the file hierarchy of the runtime environment. These are, on Windows: “win32com.dll”, to be installed on “\jre\bin” “comm.jar” to be installed on “\jre\lib\ext” “” in “\jre\lib” Together, these three files sum only 54.8 kB. I have also installed commapi on Linux, and the process is similar. It is very hard to have the user do this. IMHO, I think we should take commapi more seriously, and have it bundled together with the JRE. More people would benefit from it if it was promptly available, and if we added to commapi more functionality, such as USB support.


The Win32 implementation of javax.comm leaks memory for every time you open the port. Sun should have open-sourced it on when they dropped support for it moving to javax.comm 3.0

if anything...

If anything (I have no such requirement at this time) USB would likely be it (if only because I have a lot of USB devices I might at some point possibly want to control using a Java program).