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What do you like most about being a Java developer?

Writing for multiple platforms
22% (221 votes)
Access to libraries, frameworks
43% (432 votes)
Availability of Java jobs
8% (80 votes)
Developer community
9% (88 votes)
It's not C
11% (106 votes)
Something else
7% (72 votes)
Total votes: 999


it is features

That is not just running on multiple platforms, are ,'C' Delphi also can run on multiple platforms( after multiple compilation), but it is having such a large api working on different platforms without the need to change your code per platform. I belive this is where java wins.

I like C

The choice should sound "it is not C++" instead of "it is not C". C is compact and quite simple language. C++ is something that Java is gradually transforming into. Too bad that JSTL acronim is already used for another technology.


It is how the language and its libraries which are neatly structured that matters.


Agreed 100%


The single reason I am not considering switching programming language is that no other language have IDEs of the quality of Eclipse or IntelliJ.

I wish it was "Availability of Java jobs"

Unfortunately it's just that moving from C++ to JDK 1.02 (which had rather limited libraries) I could feel much more confident in software.

Java Jobs?

There are many java jobs? Funny, I don't see that many.. not anymore.. probably why it's the lowest on the list. In fact, Java and technology in general has been and is being outsourced.. except for "2 month projects" from chop-shop consulting firms that know you by your social and W-2 or 1099 status. Why even put it in the poll? They are just asking for it. "Why not give me a paper cut and put lemon juice on it"

Java Jobs?

Is this a joke? Are you saying that the number of Java jobs is the lowest on the list? Obviously you haven't done any real research. Java is #1 by a LOOOOOooooong shot. Here are some numbers from as of today: Java - 11522 jobs C++ - 6416 jobs Perl - 3460 jobs C# - 3169 jobs Visual Basic - 2276 jobs Python - 375 jobs As far as job availability and popularity, Java is king in a huge way. Due to the laws of supply and demand Java developers also make more than other developers. If all Java jobs were being outsourced, then the number of available US Java jobs would be near 0. This isn't the case at all. You've been believing too much of what you hear from those who use Python, Ruby, Perl, etc. They all say that Java is dying and that you need to learn an obscure scripting language to say unique and employable. This is TOTALLY incorrect and backwards, and the data above proves it. -Bryan

Where's the option for 'Nothing'


Lots of jobs=lots of cool stuff to do

There are lots of jobs doing Java and because of that there are lots of different fields to go into. Not only is there SE, ME, EE but there are sub-genres.

The fact that Java has such a wonderful set of API's makes it even more of a joy to program in don't have to reinvent the same old stuff. You can focus on whatever cool it is you're trying to do.

Also, if one area dries up, you can take your Java skills to another area. Specialized languages have their place, but I don't want to perish if their ecosystem perishes or withers (e.g., Ada)

So Java provides me with the ability to shift around to new and interesting stuff, being able to focus on the problem quickly, and keep food on the table.

Earn money

I don't like, it's just to survive.

It's not Microsoft

Need I say more?


This *really* should be multiple selection. For example for me it's "libraries and frameworks" *and* "it's not C" :)