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What was the CPU speed of the first machine you ran Java on?

0-100 MHz
27% (332 votes)
100-1000 MHz
59% (730 votes)
1 GHz +
9% (109 votes)
Don't know
3% (32 votes)
Still waiting for my app to come up
3% (41 votes)
Total votes: 1244


486DX2 - 66

Still Symatic Cafe meant that build times were quite good........ praise be the Cafe that got me through my university project.

Do you remember when it all fitted on two disks?

I still have them in my cupboard, along with a white paper from a presentation given by Sun in London, England. Pack 200 rocks, btw - how do they crank that compression?

Long time ago...

used 386 DX 40 16 MB RAM was the beginning


of an HPUX workstation in 1995 :-)

Pentiun II 350 MHz, 28 MB RAM, Win95, J2SE 1.4.1

20+ seconds to compile a Hello World aplication from the command line...

486 + win95


Pentium 100

I had much patience :-)

16 MHz PowerBook 160

In 16 shades of gray. With the Sun JDK 1.0 for Macintosh System 7.5. Good times, man...