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Does your code use any deprecated methods or fields?

Yes, but plan to remove them
28% (157 votes)
Yes, no plans to change
30% (163 votes)
42% (231 votes)
Total votes: 551


Get rid of them

I just wish sun would start getting rid of the depreciated elements. They just need to put them on a known cycle. I've seen a couple projects that when something is depreciated in a major release, it is removed on the next major release. For Java this would mean something like, if you code compiles without warnings in 1.5.0 it is garunteed to be ok in 1.6.x.

Get rid of them

I see this comment a lot, but I don't get it. What harm are deprecated methods causing? Generate your javadoc without deprecated elements and move on.

On the other hand, there are deprecated methods, like Thread.stop, which really shouldn't be deprecated. (If I'm willing to assume responsibility for transactionality, I should be able to terminate a thread anywhere.) If Sun really wants to remove deprecated code, they need a much more rigorous approach to determining what should be deprecated.

Get rid of them

For anyone who wants to deploy a Java application in the real world, meaning that they can't force their users to install a particular JVM, you usually have to write your application to use many old, deprecated methods because those are the only ones that will exist on the client's old JVM. There might be a newer method I'd rather call, but if it cuts my potential customer base of people who can run my software by 2/3, well, it's a no-brainer.