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Have you made any programming "resolutions" this year?

Yes (use comments to list them if you'd like)
36% (47 votes)
Only for others to follow
11% (14 votes)
None/None that I intend to keep
53% (70 votes)
Total votes: 131


My Resolutions

I'm just a new Java programmer. I'd like to understand concurrency, networking, and JDBC (Sorry if I spelled that wrong) by the end of the year. If at all possible, I'd like to become a Java certified developer as well.

Swing and JDS

Since a long time ago I have been with Struts and web apps, now I want to learn about Swing and Java Desktop System and maybe I write a little about (and get a domain):

Web App

I'll learn more about webapps. Specially the JSF and Strut

keep out monster code

- who ever consequently misses writing documentation will be shooten. - who ever uses "_" or "m" instead of "this." will be shooten. - who ever uses a big letter as the first for the name of a method, non-constant field or package will be shooten. Thus all .NET developers will be shooten. The fight against terrorism will nearly be won. Bush will be shooten anyway. - who ever places a class in the anonymous package will be shooten. - who ever writes a line of code longer than 110 characters will be shooten (110 is a good limit with nowerdays screen resolutions). - who ever uses new String(String) or new Boolean(boolean) will be shooten. - who ever uses the newly introduced operator overloading for primitive type wrappers will be shooten. - who ever forces somebody else to use Eclipse on Linux will be shooten. - who ever manipulates my Netbeans configuration will be shooten. - who ever survives will be shooten again.

keep out monster code

what's the problem with eclipse on linux? i used to use it that way, experienced almost no problems (except few widgets that were surely emulated and very slow, but acceptable)? Not sure what you mean. But I would add another one about eclipse: Whoever commits his ".project" or ".classpath" files to CVS will be shooten!

keep out monster code

110 character lines? 80 characters is enough for anyone, particularly if they like windows side by side. Who ever writes a line of code longer than 80 characters will be shortened. TBD: Whether to trim from head or tail.

Doesn't new String(String) trim the value character array? We don't always want to be keeping the corpse of a huge great substringed String reachable.

keep out monster code

I mean new String("myStringConstant"). Many people new to Java are not realizing that a "string" constant is a String instance. In my humble opinion 80 characters are a bit too short if you are consequently indenting code and using descriptive (longer and maybe fully qualified) names. Who developes on a system with a monitor resolution less than 1024x768? A good IDE has auto-hiding side windows. I switch that on when I have to work on a system with less than 1152x864. Aaaaaah, ooooold discussion.


Say it with me....."Comments"....


In my first task back at work for the year - responding to comments on a design note I wrote - I'm full to the brim with a desire to not create the most complete design possible but just to program "the simplest thing that could possibly work". Don't get me wrong. I don't really like the whole XP thing at all. I'm just tired of designing things that "take into consideration the future needs" that never become needed.


I'm actually bug-fixing and performance-tuning in a project that over-engineered to an unknown extreme. The design seems elegant at first sight but when you dig deeper it's ridiculous how complicated the design is considering the problem that should be solved. Not surprising that the main architect of the project (a freelancer) left the company after producing this incredible amount of code. I have the desire to get this shit out and replace it with a slim solution. May the management be with me ;-)


I keep saying I mean to set up Subversion on my old linux server, so that I can keep my stuff heavily revisioned, code recklessly, and be able to get to my stuff from anywhere on the net. Unfortunately, last time I tried, Debian wasn't exactly in a good place vis a vis the powerpc versions of mod_dav and mod_svn for Apache. And like all things linux, it seems to be hard-to-configure by design.