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How many programming languages do you use in addition to Java?

None - I only use Java
25% (141 votes)
One or two others
50% (286 votes)
Three to five others
20% (113 votes)
More than five others
5% (30 votes)
Total votes: 570


At the moment I also work with...

COBOL. :-( Though if all things goes well with my reference checks, I will be working in a J2EE/Websphere job within a month.

What is a language?

I like (James Gosling's I think) quote that any sufficiently complicated configuration becomes a language.

Lets say you're doing a struts page with 'all the things that will make my cv look good'.

You'll end up with: Java, Jsps, Tiles, XDoclet, XML, expression language (maybe Swing or JFaces), HTML, Javascript (maybe some DHTML), a persistance layer (maybe Hibernate + whatever the 'easy' java version of SQL is (JSQL? JQL?), JUnit, Log4J, Ant... etc etc.

Using over a dozen languages (or things that don't call themselves languages but are at least as complicated as just doing it in Java would have been), most of which are similar to each other, but different in subtle ways...

How many languages is that?

What if we add Aspects? Are they another language?


Depends if you include things like sql-dialects, shell script dialiects, and even other nasties like Wise script. Asking your average programmer to include every script-like language they've ever used, surely the number would be in the scores?

how often are the results updated?

Strangely the category I voted for shows 0 respondents?