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How do you mainly use the Java Bug Parade?

To see if a bug has been filed
24% (69 votes)
To file a bug.
3% (8 votes)
To check the status of a bug.
15% (42 votes)
I don't use it.
52% (147 votes)
To submit an RFE.
2% (7 votes)
For some other purpose.
3% (9 votes)
Total votes: 282


The "other option"

It's very useful when people have found the same bug and have also discovered and posted their work arounds. Though it's not pleasent to work around a bug, it is often neccessary.

Flawed options

The choice of options is a bit flawed, since "To see if a bug has been filed" is a prerequisite of both "To file a bug" and "To submit an RFE" for any proper user.

Flawed options

I responded off line to "coxcu" to suggest that his response was dependent on our only sampling proper users. He responded with an example that demonstrated the poll made it hard for these proper users to make an accurate choice. Thanks for the feedback.

old buggy behavior turned me off

In 2002/2003 the bug parade was revamping and added features such as automatically emailing changes to watched bugs. Unfortunately, this feature mailbombed me and after 3000 emails, I was frustrated enough that I don't use those features anymore. If they're working better, please let everyone know!

Some suggestions

I have posted this in the Mustan thread as well, but it never hurts to repeat it here i guess. My suggestion: The RFE and BUG database should be accessible with an application startable with JWS. And/or it should at the very least have the following functions: *) Have a better voting system where you rather grade a bug/rfe that vote for it. That way there would be no more stupid 'three votes limit'. There could even me more that one grading scale, for instance 'How important is this' and 'How much do you agree with this BUG/RFE' *) Have some statistical analysis so that the relative importance of voters decline if they only use -5 or +5 (max/min to make them more 'influencial') *) Easy accessible links (watches) to an arbitrary number of bugs/rfes so one can follow the progress of them. *) Finer grained status system. E.g. 'new post', 'initial investigation', 'waiting for more info', 'will not be added', 'put on hold to: xxx', 'will be reevaluated on: xxx', 'beeing added to version: xxx', etc. etc. *) Threaded comments for BOTH Sun and others. Today it is very hard to talk back to a comment a "bit up" in the RFE-comments. *) Different user levels. E.g. 'Sun Developer', 'Sun Manager', 'Sun Politician ', 'Contractor', 'Senior Poster', 'Poster', 'Newbee' etc. These should be easily recognizable. (Today it is very hard to tell if a poster is working at Sun or not). *) Custom polls within a RFE/BUG, so that it can have a more dynamic flow. Like a mini JSR where voting can be set to include any or all of the user levels. *) Protection. All should be able to see everything but some bugs/rfes can be locked so onlyh certain user levels can change/post/vote for it. *) Startable via JWS *) Startable via JWS Cheers, Mikael Grev

I don't because of the username password

Why should I have to register to see open bugs? I can understand posting them or commenting on them needs an account; but viewing is something no big application requires. Naturally the 11 months that Sun takes between submittion and actually appearing (while with the competition it is instantanios) holds me off from bugreporting (among others) in the first place.

I don't because of the username password

I found most of my bug reports are replied to (by a real live person) within days. A few disappear after the automated response. The most irritating thing about requiring a login to look at bugs is that the login page often sends the browsers continuously redirecting between two pages. I assume the large proportion of people who don't use the Bug Parade have never come across any, or any potential, bugs...