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The hardest part of learning Java is ...

Installing and configuring JSDK
6% (33 votes)
Object-oriented programming
22% (129 votes)
Understanding CLASSPATH
30% (170 votes)
Finding classes in standard libraries
22% (124 votes)
Something else
21% (120 votes)
Total votes: 576


pass by reference semantics plus serialization, weird string lib

These are a few of the wacky java syntaxes I had to get used to when I moved to Java from Perl. Having a strong C++ and then Perl background, Java was for the most part very simple, but there are certain areas where it is bizarre. I still don't understand why String can't just DWIM whe I use double quotes (Although it seems to get closer with successive versions.) Also Java's exclusive use of pass by reference was a pain in the beginning... especially when I had to learn the exceptions, like serialization, or that pesky String again.

...the heart ache

The hardest part of learning Java comes once you're experienced in the language/environment. When everyone in your team decides they prefer dot net. When enough people in the team exert enough influence over the bosses to switch the entire company development to dot net. When you leave that job because you want to keep on learning Java, enterprise, mobile and all, but everyone around seems intent on jumping ship to the latest chic from Microsoft... Picking up the language is a piece of piss compared to the years that follow.

RE: ...the heart ache

dude.. it's just a programming language..

RE: ...the heart ache

true, but to some it is a vocation,and to others idealism is important.